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Title: Literary Parallels in Virgil's Aeneid and Milton's Paradise Lost

Project Description: 

I plan to examine the extent to which Virgil’s Aeneid influences the characters, themes, and epic style of Milton’s Paradise Lost. Focusing mainly on the Carthage episode of the Aeneid, where Aeneas meets and falls in love with queen Dido, I argue that the figures of Dido’s husband Sychaeus, Dido, and Aeneas parallel those of Milton’s Adam, Eve, and Satan, respectively. I will also investigate how the appearance of epic themes such as fate and glory in both texts affects the characters’ personal motivations in similar ways, such as Dido’s suicide and Eve eating the apple. By exploring the ways in which Virgil’s characters inform those of Milton, I hope to present a more comprehensive understanding of both texts as literary paradigms of their respective eras, showing how the authors use epic as a medium through which to communicate their own particular agendas.

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Department: Classical Studies

Advisor: Vassiliki Panoussi

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