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Title: The Pregnant Earth: Ecofeminism, Gardening, and Pregnancy in Post-Apocalyptic Literature

Project Description: 

I am writing a research paper 40-70 pages in length about two 21st century novels. Into the Forest by Jean Hegland and the MaddAddam trilogy by Margaret Atwood. In the genre of post-apocalyptic fiction, pregnant women stand as symbols of survival and tenacity of the human race. Looking through an ecofeminist lens, the paradigm that links women and nature, I will examine the intersection of pregnancy, rape, and gardening in these barren landscapes. Pregnancy in these novels blur the lines between human and non-human, rejecting anthropocentrism and suggesting that the future of our race lies in the necessity to adapt with nature.

Hometown: Reston, Virginia

Department: English

Advisor: Keith Johnson

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