US-Japan Baseball Diplomacy Exchange

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Support the U.S. – Japan Baseball Diplomacy Project: Help us strengthen the bonds of friendship and cultural understanding between the United States and Japan through the power of baseball. Your donation will enrich our program, allowing young athletes and W&M students to experience the profound impact of international camaraderie and cultural exchange. Please consider supporting this historic initiative.

Our project, the US-Japan Baseball Diplomacy Exchange, marks the 150th anniversary of baseball relations between the United States and Japan, underscoring the lasting bond and mutual respect cultivated through our shared passion for the sport. This endeavor is propelled by the rich legacy of baseball diplomacy, which has historically acted as a conduit for fostering cultural understanding and international camaraderie. Supported by a grant from the US Department of State, our initiative seeks to explore and enact US-Japan baseball diplomacy in practice. We are set to embark on a historic journey, bringing a team of young Little Leaguers from Williamsburg, VA, to Kamakura, Japan, for a 10-day engagement filled with games, cultural exchanges, and practice sessions. This program transcends the mere act of playing baseball; it's an immersive experience designed to steep these young athletes in Japanese cultural heritage, encompassing professional baseball games, explorations of significant cultural landmarks, and meaningful exchanges with their Japanese peers. While our grant covers essential expenses like transportation, housing, and food, we aspire to enhance this venture with deeper cultural education and foster camaraderie among the players.

This venture not only celebrates a momentous milestone in US-Japan relations but also lays the foundation for future generations to continue fortifying bridges through the power of baseball diplomacy.

Please see W&M News and local Williamsburg coverage of our grant as well as one of the key events from the project this past October:

1. Documentary Creation by a W&M Student: 

- Purpose: To document the US-Japan Baseball Diplomacy Exchange, capturing key moments, conducting interviews, and creating a short documentary. This project not only provides a dynamic learning experience for the student but also produces valuable content to showcase the impact of baseball diplomacy.

 2. Logistical Support by a W&M Government Staff Member: 

- Purpose: To facilitate smooth logistics for the trip, handling coordination of travel, accommodations, and scheduling of activities. This essential support role addresses unforeseen challenges, ensuring the trip's success and the safety and engagement of participants.

 3. Faculty Member Participation (Two Faculty Members):

- Purpose: To support the participation of two William & Mary faculty members who will not only lead the trip but also engage in scholarly research activities. This includes conducting oral histories with players from both countries, capturing the personal and cultural impacts of baseball diplomacy. Additionally, they will conduct interviews with officials at the U.S. Embassy and the Japanese Foreign Ministry to explore the broader implications of sports diplomacy on U.S.-Japan relations. These activities aim to enrich the academic and cultural understanding of baseball diplomacy, contributing valuable insights to the field of international relations.

Fund Name: U.S. – Japan Baseball Diplomacy Project
Purpose: To provide support for William & Mary student and faculty participation in the U.S. – Japan Baseball Diplomacy Project, including research materials, conference attendance, and travel expenses.

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